Publier : Between Lake and Mountains

The Publier municipality is located on the shores of Lake Léman, enjoying a very privileged geographical position. This natural and exceptional location, between the lake and the mountains makes it the perfect place to be in the summer and winter.

This village is part of pays d'Evian vallée d'Abondance

The communes of the Pays d’Evian, the Pays de Gavot and the Vallée d’Abondance unite under the same banner to form the territory of the pays d’Evian vallée d’Abondance!

From Lake Geneva (372 m) to Mont de Grange (2,432 m), an astonishing territory or a natural territory, the pays d’Évian-vallée d’Abondance comes in different facets and will continue to surprise those who wish to explore it!

A little piece of heaven

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Nestled between the lake and the mountains, this municipality spreads across 892 hectares and is split into two parts:

  • The “upper” Publier that includes the main town and  spreads out from Marin to Evian.
  • “Lowland” Amphion that is alongside the lake stretching from Évian to Thonon (Ripaille Domain, the Riiver Dranse Nature Reserve).

Publier is an unspoilt natural environment that has the well-deserved Green Resort title.

publier la plage municipale amphion


The Amphion-Publier municipal beach is located in a charming park with a combination of grass and pebbled ground.

There are various facilities that include a children’s playground, beach-volleyball pitch, table tennis table and a boules pitch, there is also a snack bar.

Lifeguards are present in July and August.

Publier is proud to carry the Pavillon Bleu title: as a tourist, going to a Pavillon Bleu beach means choosing a site with various facilities including a Tiralo seat, for persons with reduced mobility to have access to the water (only in July and August), and minimising the impact of tourism.



La cité de l'eau

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Nature Reserve


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