Publier____Water____The Evian mineral water bottling plant

The Evian mineral water bottling plant


Évian mineral water owes its reputation for being good for the health to Count Jean-Charles de Laizer who, whilst out for a walk, quenches his thirst with the water from the Sainte-Catherine spring on Mr Cachat’s property.

Count Laizer, who suffers from kidney and liver ailments, drinks it regularly and sees his health rapidly improve. He praises the merits of this “miraculous” water and doctors begin to prescribe it. Success is so rapid that Mr Cachat puts an enclosure around his spring and starts selling the water.


Two visits: 2-hour discovery tour in the bottling plant, or 4 hours with a bus circuit from the Gavot plateau (impluvium) and visiting the Cachat spring, to finish at the plant (discover the production lines).

For the 4-hour visits, please wear suitable clothing as the Cachat spring and the impluvium spring are both outside at an altitude of 1000 metres.


For organisational reasons it is required to book your visit online. Due to safety reasons the bottling plant is subject to very strict regulations:

  • Identity check (ID cards for adults, ID cards or family register for children).
  • Metal detector and search on entering.
  • The site is under video surveillance.

Important: All the departures are in Évian in front of the Palais Lumière, whichever visit you choose to do.